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Project Management Organization


The implementation of the project is coordinated by the managing director; György Maus, who possess direct experience also in the implementation of investments, developments and projects supported in the frame of tenders. The technical execution will be supervised by the designer and technical controller, as a subcontractor; Márton Szekeres, also the planning documentation with construction permit and the execution plan will be prepared by him.

The financial completion will be monitored by the economist-tax expert Erzsébet Nikolettiné Molnár, externally assigned by the project owner, and an assigned project-accountant will be of assistance as well.   The realization of the project according to the support contract is assured by the project manager, Balázs Morvai, who participates in the preparation of project progress reports and payment requests. The installation of the incubator house that will be built is supervised by the project manager, but he will be supported by the project administrator, who will be responsible for the later operation. He/she will play an active role in the marketing of the incubator house, in the development of the administration system and in the realization of the training necessary for the effective operation.
Structure and members of the project management organization:
Scope of duty
Name, position
Project CEO
György Maus, Managing Director
Technical Controller
Márton Szekeres architect, technical controller, subcontractor
Financial Officer
Erzsébet Nikolettiné Molnár, economist-tax expert, subcontractor
Project Manager
Balázs Morvai, subcontractor, Európa Universitas Kft.
Operation Manager
General incubation administrator, preferably with legal-economics degree
Assistant with secondary school degree in economics
IT personnel with relevant university/college degree






Incubator House at Zalahaláp-project presentation