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Project’s objective


The incubator house is being built on a dilapidated area of the region, with its positive aura as a development focus point contributing greatly to the improvement of the surroundings. In Hungary the financial conditions of business incubation are highly unfavorable; the majority of the starter enterprises lack of capital, the financing of incubation is occurrent. The incubation facilities also most of the times lacking the resources are interested in the determination of high rental fees and in the maintenance of high exploitation, besides the costs of incubation services are fully paid by the tenants. The domestic conditions of the incubation, especially of the technological incubation are significantly more unfavorable compared to the conditions developed at the international competitors; this strongly worsens our economy’s competitiveness.

The project’s aim is to provide assistance for startup (lacking capital) businesses in the initial period that comes after the enterprise’s foundation. Providing them with all the resources and supplying high quality services helps the startup enterprises to have the opportunity to concentrate all their resources on their fundamental activity. In the frame of these services we provide the startup enterprises with those administrative, accounting, financial and legal expertise and experience, which the starter business in its initial period otherwise could not use due to the lack of experience or economies of scale issues.
Through this we assist in their successful startup. Furthermore our aim is to spare them of such investments that require significant capital and do not fall within the „core” competencies of the individual businesses. The investments are replaced by our services offered by the incubator house that are available against a monthly fee. This structure enables the high quality supply of administrative tasks (administration, accounting, legal) that are mandatory to include in an enterprise activity, the avoidance of unnecessary equipment purchases (detracting their capital from their core activity), as well as in case of a possible failure the simpler elimination of the activity. The incubator house also helps startup enterprises to gain adequate expertise, experience and business culture for their activities to be carried out already independently in the future. In conclusion, our intention is to assist businesses in a successful launch.