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Location and functions of the incubator house


The building site is bordered by road from the northern and southern side as well. It can be approached on the southern road from the direction of the settlement (Béke Street). According to more distant plans on the neighboring areas a building of a similar nature is wished to be constructed with a similar purpose. 


The building accommodates offices, educational workshops, possibly research activities can be carried out. The car parking is designed on the ground, via surface parking spaces. On the ground floor the offices are located, and the associated storage rooms and workshops. 
The planned workshops are not having any disturbing impact on the environment, the environmental threshold limit is not reached or exceeded by any production or storage facility relating to polluting, malodorant, infectious or explosive materials, furthermore no such functions are incorporated that their specific effects deriving from intended use would limit the proper building in or usage that suits the area requirements of the neighboring sites. 


The offices on each level are complemented with common lavatory and tea block. From the lavatory opens the storage room for cleaning tools, materials. In the entrance reception area a fountain with ornamental casing was placed, which received its place in the supplement of the round staircase’s semi-circle arc into a full circle.
On the above mentioned property the ÁNTSZ (National Public Health and Medical Officer Service) or the Fire Service Department as professional authorities have no objection in connection with the construction of the planned building, the plan permit is approved by them, based on the attached project plan documentation, and on the technical description of fire protection.


There is only gas-pipeline in the street. Water conduits, sewage pipes and electric cables will be lengthened by about 500 m from the direction of Béke Street. Additional requirements from the facility’s side will be fulfilled by the networks, based on demand, after their capacity expansion. The approved construction plans of the public utilities are completed, they are held by the local council. During construction the connection to the utilities gets build up.