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Incubator House at Zalahaláp

Energetic and Environmental Incubator House at Zalahaláp









Project’s objective


cel.jpgThe incubator house is being built on a dilapidated area of the region, with its positive aura as a development focus point contributing greatly to the improvement of the surroundings. In Hungary the financial conditions of business incubation are highly unfavorable; the majority of the starter enterprises lack of capital, the financing of incubation is occurrent.


Location and functions of the incubator house


tervek.jpgThe building site is bordered by road from the northern and southern side as well. It can be approached on the southern road from the direction of the settlement (Béke Street). According to more distant plans on the neighboring areas a building of a similar nature is wished to be constructed with a similar purpose. 



Data specifics of the planned building



projekt.jpgPlanned function:   Incubator House
Number of floors:   ground floor + upper floor + closing floor

Project Management Organization


projektmenedzsment.jpgThe implementation of the project is coordinated by the managing director; György Maus, who possess direct experience also in the implementation of investments, developments and projects supported in the frame of tenders.


The area of the Incubator House at Zalahaláp


terkep-2.jpgThere are only a few places in Hungary where the romantics of the countryside come together with the memories of the past. Peaks of terminated volcanoes, hillsides providing succulent wines: forests, rustling reeds and the rippling Balaton feature the region.




imagesca7cwkfx.jpgZalahaláp is one of the most beautiful regions of Transdanubia. It can be found on the northern part of the mountains surrounding Tapolca basin, in the foot of Halápi mountain.