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The area of the Aquila Medical Center




The main natural attraction is the Balaton itself; the lake offers several recreational possibilities for the holidaymakers. One of the nicest observation towers of the Balaton Area is the 283 m high, on the Mount Cser erected, stone-built Szabadság(Liberty)


The tower balcony overlooks the land of three counties (Veszprém, Fejér, Somogy). The valley of Királykút is also a popular excursion destination around Alsóőrs, according to tradition King Matthias also hunted here. The road through Malomvölgy leads from Alsóőrs to Felsőörs.


As an interesting fact it can be mentioned, that while nationally the number of attractions are close to 6000 and the number of attractions per settlement is 1.8, in the Balaton functional region the number of attractions per settlement is 4.5. In the tested area of Alsóőrs the same indicator is 8.




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