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Aquila Medical Center Alsóörs


Concept plan of the Aquila Medical Center construction



alsoors-terv-1.jpgConcept plan of the construction of the AquilaMedicalCenter wellness hotel and medical rehabilitation facility Alsóörs Land registry no: 0109/17



aquila.jpgWe did not accidentally choose therefore the eagle bird as our symbol on behalf of the Aquila Medical Center. Stable health, health preservation and health protection are one of the most important tasks of our time.


Services of the Aquila Medical Center


amc-logo.jpgThe functions of the Aquila Medical Center are the disease prevention, the early detection of disease, and the physical and mental health recovery. In possession of willingness to do and professional competence the objective is that the patients are healed from their illness, the prevention of the development of the disease in the early stage of the disease and assistance in order to maintain their physical and mental health longer.


The area of the Aquila Medical Center


balaton.jpgThe main natural attraction is the Balaton itself; the lake offers several recreational possibilities for the holidaymakers. One of the nicest observation towers of the Balaton Area is the 283 m high, on the Mount Cser erected, stone-built Szabadság(Liberty) .




item_31236.jpgSplendid flowery spring, a bright, sunshiny summer, a golden autumn and a healthy winter. Gentle slopes planted with vines, fruit-gardens and hills with a view on the lake.That's the Balaton Riviera on the Northern shore of the marvellous lake. A beautiful landscape of Pannonian cheerfulness and a historical atmosphere offering a developed spa culture today.