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foldgomb-2.jpgOur company was established in 2009 primarily with the objective of implementing research and development projects. It remains our main activity ever since, but as subsidiary activities we are also involved in investment management, environmental expertise, technology development and consulting, mainly in the area of transport. The number of our partners reaches nearly 30.
The 2009 startup wasn’t without any precedents: between 2001 and 2008 the founder  and the contributing experts participated in the coordination of major K+F development projects, such as the Budapest-Rijeka railway logistic test,  the research and development projects at  the Environmental Engineering and Water Management Faculty of the University of Veszprém, or for instance the improvement of tourism attraction of the Balaton Highlighted Resort Area via the help of creating a mathematical decision model. From a legal point of view the companies of this period are not considered as predecessors, but provided professional foundation for the establishment of MGM-Consulting Kft.
Our company’s strength is the environmental technological research and development, since our main strategic aim is the better utilization of the available capacities. In the interest of this we started to develop further the technologies handling waste disposal with the goal that they become capable of waste recycling as well.
Nevertheless we possess extensive experience in the area of environmental services and biological handling and utilization of organic waste. The successful management and  developments carried out up till now implied versatile experience in the field of tender writing, project management, marketing, legal, financial, PR activities, as well as effective relations were developed towards business partners, authorities and civil organizations. One of the most important priority of our company’s strategy is managing relations with the national professional organizations, business companies on a regular basis.